products overview

The Ecoroq commercial filtersWhether you have several large walk-in refrigerators or just a couple of reach-in coolers, our ecoroq filters provide you with peace of mind. They will remove ethylene gases, which cause produce to wilt and spoil, and will increase unsealed produce shelf life considerably.

Rapid Live ChatRapid Live Chat gives your business the ability to turn website visitors into customers. For a small monthly fee Rapid Live Chat will install our chat service on your site, providing customers answers, helping them navigate the site, and ultimately capturing their information and delivering you qualified leads that then become customers.

The Fridge BuddyOur small retail filter "The Fridge Buddy" helps to protect all of your meats and produce at home. You get the same advantages as large restaurants, hospitals, florists, and schools throughout the World are currently experiencing.

Become a FranchiseeAre you looking to create a business, where you can generate a large amount of monthly recurring revenue? Join our team of franchisees! An Ecoroq franchise offers a unique niche market, without competitors! No other humidity control filter has access to our unique mineral, guerite.

Ecoroq Cleaners (Coming soon !)We offer our own line of commercial cleaners that are ecofriendly and biodegradable! With our line of cleaners you get unparalleled cleaning strength with the peace of mind that the cleaners you are using have no negative impact on our environment.
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