Ecoroq service process:

Initial visit to schedule an appointmentOur sales process begins by first visiting a potential customer's place of business and finding out who handles their refrigeration. Once we know who the decision maker is, we set an appointment to meet with them.

Sales presentation to Decision MakerNext we sit down with the decision maker for a brief 10-15 minute presentation of our product. We tell them of the advantages of our product, some of which include: stabilizing the relative humidity, removing odors, eliminating bacteria and mould spores, preventing buildup of debris on the back of the evaporators etc.

2 Week free, no obligation trialWe then offer a two week, no obligation trial. We start our trial by measuring the current humidity level and temperature inside the units. We then install our filters and explain what to look for over the next two weeks. We return on the same day, at the same time, each week to take new measurements, and track the progress.

Sign Customer Service AgreementAfter our second validation we sit back down with the decision maker and go over the results of the trial. The customer then signs a month to month service agreement. We do not do contracts. We value our relationships with our customers and want them to stay with us long term, not because they have to, but because they want to.

Change filters monthlyNext our technician will come out once a month to put new filters in and remove and reclaim the old filters.

Monthly preventative maintenance checkDuring the filter change out, our technician will check for any issues that may be arising. Some of the common problems we keep an eye out for are: freezing up of the evaporator coils, worn door seals, leaking drain lines, and broken or improperly working door latches.

Commercial cleaning productsWe will soon be adding a line of all natural, ecofriendly, biodegradable cleaning products consisting of common cleaners used in the restaurant/hospitality industry. For more information about our cleaning products, please contact us directly at 0845 862 1967.

Remote Temperature monitoring (coming soon)Soon we will be adding remote temperature monitoring to our product list. These monitors will allow our customers to receive a temperature report directly to their email, freeing up their employees and providing them with more accurate temperature information. The monitoring will also have the ability to send an alert to a specified mobile phone(normally of the maintenance person) if the temperature goes above the approved level for a specified amount of time. Another advantage to our monitoring is, if the customer has multiple locations, we can set up a portal where they can view their coolers and temperatures live online!


Are you interested in experiencing the benefits of Ecoroq filters for yourself?CLICK HEREWe offer a 2 week free, no obligation, trial! An Ecoroq representative will meet with you in person to explain the benefits in greater detail and install our filters if desired.